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A day trip to Sorrento Italy: top things to do and see

Having chosen Italy and Campania as a destination for your holidays, you might have realized by now that you are literally spoiled for choice of amazing view spots, delicious food, historical sites and shopping areas. If you are based in Naples, one of the best ways to explore the surrounding area is by joining a tour. It’s a great solution that will give you the chance to optimize your time thanks to a professional travel service, getting to see the best of wonderful locations in a comfortable day trip. Take a look at our  Sorrento, Positano & Amalfi Exclusive Small Group Tour!

Sorrento is a great choice for a day trip. A lively and enchanting town with Greek origins and a mix of architectural styles thanks to the many civilizations that lived there, its long history can be found today in the monuments, churches, villas, food left as a heritage. Not only has Sorrento a wonderful historical city center, but its position on a cliff top overlooking the whole bay will give you a breathtaking view of Capri, Napoli and the Mount Vesuvius.

Here are the top proposals among the experiences you shouldn’t miss out during your trip to Sorrento.

Old Sorrento

Piazza Tasso is the main square and the hub of the town. Enjoyable for a drink and people watching, all the major attractions are around it. Stroll from there into Via San Cesareo or Corso Italia, reaching the 15th-century Cathedral of San Philip and James. Its simple Roman exterior with the bell tower hides a wonderful interior with marble pillars and frescos.

Sorrento’s food

Sorrento is famous in the whole world for specialties you can only find here and you cannot miss. One of them is Limoncello, you can try a shot in a bar or at the end of your meal, and buy an artistic bottle in one of the many souvenir or food stores downtown. Sorrento’s lemons are so special and tasty that you can even eat them just by adding a pinch of salt; they are also used for the Sorrento traditional desserts, Delizie al limone (sponge cake with lemon custard) and Babà al Limoncello. Nocino is the other typical local liquor.

Shopping in Corso Italia

The city’s lengthy main street full of stores and boutiques, Corso ltalia is the lively heart of Sorrento. Here is where you will be able to buy a bottle of Limoncello and souvenirs, but also be amazed by the small boutiques selling designer clothing, accessories and shoes. From the bustling main street try deviate into some of the medieval alleys featuring many bars and gelaterias.

Villa Comunale and Chiostro di San Francesco

The Villa Comunale is the main public garden area and it’s one of the best view spot in Sorrento. It is located on the top of the cliff overlooking the bay and it can be reached with a short walk from Tasso Square. This is the perfect spot to have a spectacular vista of the Gulf of Naples. Next to the Villa is the complex of San Francis monastery and church, whose tranquil cloister is famous not only for its splendid architecture but also for its peaceful atmosphere and often used as a wedding venue.

Marina Grande and Marina Piccola

At the villa Comunale you can take a lift down to the shore of Marina Piccola, the main Sorrento harbor. The port houses many nice fish restaurants, hotels and several bathing platforms. Walking from Sorrento downtown you can also reach Marina Grande, which in spite of its name is a quiet picturesque shore around a small bay with a rustic fishing village, one of the most authentic ones you will be able to find in such a popular locality.