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Amalfi Coast Tours: visit the breathtaking stretch of paradise

Discover the astonishing Amalfi Coast

A terrace overlooking the sea: this is the image that comes to mind when you think about Amalfi Coast, that stretch of paradise suspended between the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Lattari Mountains.

The stretch of the Campania coast that overlooks the Gulf of Salerno is bordered to the west by Positano and to the east by Vietri sul Mare. You will fall in love with this place that, in 1997 has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Amalfi Coast is to be seen at least once in life, perhaps returning in different seasons to admire the ever changing lights and colors.

There are many things to see and to discover about Amalfi Coast, and many things to do; starting from the beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast, visit the coast by boat or venture on foot through its paths, stroll through villages and terraces of lemon groves.

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The stretch of coast counts about 55 km and can be explored at night. You will admire headlands, beaches and coves, terraces of citrus, vines and olive groves.

The area includes 16 countries that absolutely deserve a visit: paths from the mountains to the sea, beaches and solitary coves, villas, architecture and delightful villages to visit. You will discover food and wine peculiarities that will make you fall in love!

In addition to the most famous and well-known centers, the villages far from the tourist attractions, there are the fishing villages where life flows slowly, the beaches and natural wonders such as caves or valleys.

Along the coast, visit the terraced slopes, beautiful gardens overlooking the sea where for centuries typical products such as citrus fruits, vines or vegetables have been grown.

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