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Among the most beautiful places in Campania

Discovering the most beautiful places in Campania

The Campania region is home to many sites protected by the UNESCO: the historic center of Naples, the archaeological areas of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata, the Amalfi coast, the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Cilento National Park, the Diano valley, the relative archaeological sites, and the Certosa di Padula. These are for sure among the most beautiful places in Campania!

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Rich in historical and artistic treasures, landscape and natural beauties, Campania offers innumerable reasons to be visited far and wide. In this guide we will limit ourselves, in brief, to outline the main attractions of the most beautiful places in this region.

The list of places to visit in Naples would be endless: among museums, palaces, catacombs, Gothic and Bourbon vaults, amphitheaters, churches, markets you will not be spoiled for choice.
Just to mention the most famous attractions, we recommend visiting: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, the Duomo (which houses the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro), Piazza del Plebiscito, Galleria Umberto I, the Maschio Angioino (Castel Nuovo).

Gems of Campania

In the list, you can not miss Capodimonte, with its Museum and the National Gallery, which houses works by masters from the 13th to the 18th century, the Farnese Collection, collection of works Renaissance art.
One last suggestion: the smallest island in the Bay of Naples, Procida, is a jewel to take refuge from mass tourism: if possible, don’t miss the opportunity to visit it.

Naples is the starting point for visiting the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Buried for centuries under meters of volcanic debris due to an eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A. D., these archaeological sites represent an incomparable gash on life at the time of the Roman Empire.
Pompeii was the vast city hub, while the small Ercolano was the holiday resort.
Oplonti, today Torre Annunziata, corresponded to its peripheral zone and the areas that can be visited on this latter site are the Villa of Poppea and the Villa of Lucius Crassius Tertius.
Many of the best-preserved treasures of Pompeii and Herculaneum can be found at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

the most beautiful places in campania