How to get to Procida Italy

If you are in Naples and wondering how to get to Procida easily and comfortably, be aware that choosing a private boat will allow you to leave from various ports located along the coastline in the Campania region.

Procida Island Capital of Culture 2022

More and more tourists this year are choosing to head to Procida or include it in their grand Italian tour. Procida is part of the Gulf of Naples and has been chosen as the Italian Capital of Culture for 2022. A whole program of events, concerts, and shows are taking place this summer in the main areas of the island, with the participation of some of the finest culture personalities in Italy. 

If you want to know how to get to Procida from Naples, know that locals generally book a boat tour for the day, choosing to experience and see the island from a sea perspective or a Naples to Procida transfer. This is a trending solution, especially after covid, considering that this choice allows access to all the local beauties hassle-free.

Naples to Procida: transfer from the airport

A ferry is also an option available. Most boats leave from Beverello port or Porta di Massa, both nearby the city center. Ferry services are operated by the Caremar and Medmar companies, while Caremar and Snav operate hydrofoil ferries. During the high season, however, there is an increased risk of getting into an endless queue. Therefore, many instead choose a private experience. It guarantees a most comfortable and relaxing experience and a more intimate one.

How to get to Procida Italy, if you are leaving from the airport? The closest one is Capodichino airport, in Naples. To get to the port and leave this incredible island, you can book in advance a private transfer. Choosing to hire a chauffeur service is more convenient than taking taxis in Naples, considering that you have the attention of dedicated service with fixed coasts despite traffic and transfer duration. You can also pick Amalfi Coast tours from Naples to have a complete coastal adventure.

How to get to Procida from Sorrento

Sorrento, overlooking the sea and perched on a hill that constitutes the beginning of the Sorrento Peninsula, is one of the most peculiar towns of Campania: less noisy and lively than Naples as if it were a place of other times, Sorrento is truly a pearl to visit both during a weekend and during a long vacation. 

The best way to reach the Amalfi and Sorrento coast by plane is via a flight to Naples Capodichino, which is about 60 kilometers away, and from there travel by bus, renting a car, or arriving at the Naples Garibaldi station to take the Circumvesuviana. If you arrive in Rome Fiumicino or Ciampino, you can go to Tiburtina Station and take a bus to Sorrento, or opt for a rental car or a train departing from Termini Station.

There is a direct ferry departing from Sorrento and arriving at Procida. Services, however, depart twice a day but operate every day. Sorrento is surely among the other top destination in the Campania region. If you want to know how to get to Procida from Sorrento, you’ll have to reach a nearby port and pick a boat transfer service. World Tours offers both private transfer and boat tours of Procida and the other island of the Gulf of Naples. Booking with us will allow you to reserve in advance everything you need to have a perfect tailored stay when in Italy.

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