Squares in Naples

Naples has monumental buildings and iconic squares every tourist should pay a visit to. Many of Naples’s squares are representative of the history of the city, many portrait national heroes and masters of the arts. Let’s find out which are the main squares in Naples!

Piazza Garibaldi

This square coincides with Naples Central Station. It is probably the main point of transportations and now it is also a shopping center that deserves to be visited. Piazza Garibaldi was recently restored. The project of modernization changed drastically the asset of the square and the surroundings. The current style is modern, almost futuristic. It is connected to line 1 of Naples hill underground, another area of architectural interest for those who are passionate about futuristic architecture.

Piazza Dante

This square has an exceptional protagonist: the most important Italian writer of all time: Dante Alighieri. Piazza Dante is a meeting point, located in a strategic area close to other iconic places of the downtown. The square is just in front of the historical national boarding school Vittorio Emanuele. A statue of the Divine Comedy’s author stands proudly in the middle of the square. 

Piazza Vanvitelli

Standing just in the middle of Vomero district, Piazza Vanvitelli is a crossroad connecting the most fashionable streets of the city. Plenty of pubs and bars, it is a meeting point for Neapolitans. Not far from the Vomero’s square, there is Villa Floridiana, a building of historical and artistic interest in Naples, located within the park of the same name.

Piazza del Plebiscito

A true symbol of Naples. Often hosting important events and concerts, Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the tourist’s favorite things to see in the city. No need to wonder why, the square is majestic, surrounded by lines and lines of columns and facing directly to the Royal Palace of Naples. Also, it is very close to the sea.

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squares of naples