What to do in Naples when it rains

Things to do in Naples when it rains

Naples is universally known thanks to its splendid geographical position and its historical and artistic treasures. The capital of Campania is the first city in the South and is considered an active commercial center. But above all, it stands out for its lively artistic and cultural life. In addition, the city offers a show of particular beauty. Once you arrive in Naples you can see many attractions and if the day becomes rainy, there are many initiatives to pass the time. This is because you can visit libraries, museums, stations, and monuments.

Museums in Naples

If the day in Naples is rainy, you can choose to visit the museums. In Naples there are several from the oldest to the most modern. Many of them recall the history of the city and preserve interesting and richly historical finds. The museums to visit are: the Capodimonte museum, the royal palace museum, the Certosa di San Martino museum and the Santa Chiara opera museum. Add to these Cappella di San Severo museum and the museum of the sea.

Churches in Naples

The churches of Naples are among the most beautiful. Not to be missed, when it rains. Naples retains an immense heritage of these monumental buildings and some restore the ancient splendor. The most suggested for their beauty are: the Cathedral of the Church of San Francesco di Paola, the Chapel of San Saverio and the church of Gesù Nuova in Santa Chiara.

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Around Naples there are also stations. These represent an alternative stop when it rains. In some stations you can take pictures of the exhibited works and admire the beautiful mosaics. The stations that receive the most feedback are: the Toledo station, the university station, the museum station and the Quattro Giornate station.

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what to do in naples when it rains