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Bus tours from Naples to Amalfi Coast

If you wish to visit the best of Campania Italy setting your accommodation in the main and biggest city, Naples is your perfect choice. Not only it offers a great historical and cultural setting, along with the unique Neapolitan food and the splendid view of its bay, but its location is perfect to visit the best of the region.
World Tours gives you the great opportunity to visit the best of Amalfi Coast, one of the most breathtaking places in the world, in just one day, with the comfort of a bus tour from Naples to Amalfi Coast.


Pickup from hotels in Naples and wonderful panoramic drive


The tour will start in Naples, where we will arrange the pick up at your accommodation and we will drive to the dreamy Penisola Sorrentina, from Sorrento to Positano, Amalfi and Ravello through the famous “road of 1,000 bends”.

We will stop at all the major towns in the peninsula to give you the chance to explore all the main landmarks and furthermore, we will have several stops on the road at all the best panoramic spots to let you take stunning pictures of the Gulf of Naples with the view of Capri, Ischia, Naples, the Mount Vesuvius and, on the other side, the Gulf of Salerno and Paestum. You will not miss anything! Let us guide you with our experience through our wonderful land.




Our first stop is the wonderful Sorrento. It is the biggest town and by driving in this area you will be able to see the famous terraces of lemons field, facing the bay of Naples. By stopping in Sorrento you will be able to take amazing pictures of the Gulf of Naples, having Ischia, Naples and the Mount Vesuvius in the background. The road through the cliffs overlooking the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea will amaze you.

After the stop, we will drive to the other side of the Penisola Sorrentina, to the Amalfi Coast.




The colorful Positano is the first town of Amalfi Coast from the west. Positano is a jewel, let yourself be amazed driving through the levels of houses built on the rocky cliff. The sun shines on the artful mosaics of the villas, on the flowers, on the majolica dome of the S. Mary’s Cathedral overlooking the bay. People visiting Positano for the first time say that it looks like a seashell full of colours, that it’s unreal and feels like a dream you will never forget when you leave… We can assure you you will agree!

From Positano, we will drive to a restaurant overlooking the sea where we will have a relaxing lunch with local food with the wonderful view of the Gulf of Salerno. After the lunch we will reach Amalfi.




In Amalfi we will stop for one hour. You will be able to have a walking tour of this amazing town developed on the mountains overlooking a series of beaches along its bay. The view of Amalfi is stunning: the beaches and the road along the coastline, with the background of white and colorful houses. Behind, high rocky and green mountains. The most beautiful attraction in Amalfi city center is certainly the 9th-century Cathedral of St. Andrew, with its Arabic and medieval style. A visit at the Cathedral will also be the occasion to have a coffee in the main Amalfi square, full of cafés with tables outside, and have a taste of Dolce Vita. Don’t miss the chance to have some shopping through the many fashion stores, boutiques and souvenir shops in the old town.




Ravello is the last stop, a small gem at the end of Amalfi Coast. It’s a smaller and quieter town, panoramic and picturesque, that has attracted visitors and celebrities thanks to its artistic and intellectual soul. In facts, it’s also called “city of music” thanks to an extremely famous festival of classical music that happens every summer. There is a wonderful city center and its Cathedral is worth a visit, however the real jewel of Ravello is Villa Rufolo. Built around the 13th century, this is the place that enchanted the composer Wagner and inspired its piece Parsival, with its characteristic well and the masterpiece, the stunning Belvedere, an artistic garden with a terrace overlooking the whole Amalfi Coast. One of the most amazing spots to take a picture for an everlasting memory of this incredible place.

Book now our Bus Tour from Naples to Amalfi Coast and get ready to start your journey to a dreamy experience!