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Christmas in Naples: magic in the city

Neapolitan Christmas: surprisingly beautiful

Did you know? Naples is one of the most visited cities during Christmas. The city in December becomes magical. In addition to an incredible artistic heritage, the weather is temperate, making any walk incredibly pleasant. Christmas in Naples might be an unexpected idea, but totally worth according to million of tourists each year.

christmas naples

Why visiting Naples during Christmas

The roads of the city become plenty of Christmas markets selling sweets and typical food. The lights are on, and the smell of chestnuts and sugared almonds pervade each corner. The downtown of the city is particularly ancient, with many architectonical references to the classical style. The Greek ruins in Piazza Belling, along with many others testimonies of old eras, create a mood that is incomparable to any other.

A nice walk to have? Passing from Piazza Dante trough the little arch of Port’Alba and Via dei Tribunali, the road where the best pizzerias of the city are. A great touristic destination is San Gregorio Armeno, the iconic narrow and ancient road plenty of little artisanal shops. Also called “la strada dei presepi” (the road of presepi), San Gregorio Armeno is known for the precious little statues. In addition to the typical biblical characters of Jesus and Mary, in this road is possible to find the representations of politics and Hollywood stars.

The connection between modern society and Christmas is seen as something to laugh at. Neapolitan people are known for their irony, and this feature emerges perfectly in the presepi. In conclusion, maybe there won’t be snow, maybe it won’t be a white Christmas, but if you spend your holidays in Naples, you are definitely going to live a magical, colorful Christmas!

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christmas in naples