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Day trips from Naples to Amalfi Coast

Naples and Amalfi Coast: two areas on the blue Mediterranean sea which are among the top famed destination in Italy. Even if they are pretty close one to another, there are differences between the areas: if Naples, apart from the beautiful landscapes of Posillipo and Mergellina, has a lively soul and art and history which made the destiny of the entire country, on the other side, in the Amalfi Coast, nature is the predominant feature: it stands on a surreal stretch of land between the mountain and the sea, the beauty is unspeakable. For this, day trips from Naples to Amalfi Coast are always a good idea!

Naples to Amalfi Coast day trip

naples-to-amalfi-coast-day-tripA Naples to Amalfi Coast day trip is not always easy to find, considering a quick visit to Naples should be at least 3 hours, while for Amalfi Coast the minimal visit duration should be of 4 hours. Keep in mind that the road from Naples to Amalfi Coast is generally pretty trafficked, especially in high season. The best way to unify a Naples and Amalfi Coast day trip is by booking a private customized tour of Naples and Amalfi Coast. In this way, you’ll be sure that transfers will be on the perfect time to avoid missing the important things to see in both the areas.

Naples day trips Amalfi Coast

All Naples day trips to Amalfi Coast should have stops in the downtown of Naples, full naples-day-trips-amalfi-coastof narrow ancient streets, where the perfume of the local food spreads while the lively Neapolitan people are always ready to tell a story about their city and their tradition.

The beautiful Castel Dell’Ovo and the Maschio Angioino are two iconic representations of Napoli and make clear how rich its history is.

While you’ll be traveling to Amalfi Coast, a stunning natural beauty will enter your heart. The main cities of the coast are Positano, Amalfi (that gives its name to the entire coast) and Ravello but there are many others maybe less famed, but equally suggestive as Praiano and Nerano.

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day trips from naples to amalfi coast