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Discovering the lakes in Campania

The lakes in Campania contribute to making our region one of the richest and most attractive for those who love naturalistic tourism because the coasts, parks and lush nature plays a fundamental role here.

Lovers of lake tourism, given the different characteristics in terms of size and landscape scenery of the Campania lakes, will have the opportunity to explore and enter the heart of the region according to their tastes, ranging from complete immersion in nature to the paths to be associated with history and culture.

Lakes in Campania; in Naples and surroundings

Lago d’Averno

Located in the municipality of Pozzuoli, precisely west of Naples, the Campania capital. The fact that it is a volcanic lake makes it unique and perhaps one of the most beautiful in our country. In fact, it is surrounded by some important tourist locations, such as Cuma, the ancient Roman city rich in history and monumental structures, the Apollo Temple, the Phlegraean Fields, and the Cocceio Cave.

Lago Fusaro

This lake located in Bacoli was born due to an environmental change, precisely following the closure of a stretch of sea.

Lake Fusaro is also an excellent point for those who practice fishing: mussels and fish products are present in large quantities here.

Lago Miseno

Throughout history, it has been an important place dedicated to shipping repair. Precisely for this reason, at the environmental level presents some problems, but its ecosystem still makes it a place visited by tourists.

Lago di Lucrino

This was a spa center in ancient Rome, enriched by the presence of a hospital that was built by Charles II of Anjou. Today some structures in this area are still accessible such as saunas called “the stoves of Nero”.

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