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Enjoy a Naples City Tour

C_109_meteoCitta_5_upiFotoIf you are spending your holidays in Southern Italy, you’ve done a good thing. If you are spending it on the Amalfi Coast, among Sorrento, Positano and Ravello, then you’ve done the right thing! You will be satisfied with your choice and you will be enjoying your well-deserved vacation. But, staying on the Amalfi Coast and not planning a day to spend in Naples, it would be a mistake! Naples is easily reachable from Positano or Amalfi, with just over an hour’s drive. So a private tour in the centre of Naples is a fantastic way to spend a day immersed in the Parthenopean tradition!
One thing has to be said in advance: even if you spent all your life in Naples, you would not have enough time to see all its beauty! But a day spent strolling through the alleys of the Old Town, Museums, Churches and other historic and artistic attractions will leave you an indelible memory! A Naples City private tour with an English speaking driver is a great choice from the point of view of comfort and relaxation!

Partenope and Neapolis

In the city of Naples, the first human traces date back to the Neolithic and the City of Parthenope was founded by inhabitants of Cuma in the 8th century BC. Cuma was the Greek Colony that diffused the Greek Culture in Italy.
The foundation of the city is associated with the myth of the Siren Partenope.
The sirens were mythological creatures of the Greek tradition, which emitted an intriguing amusing song that led crews and ships drifting.
The siren Partenope, in love with the hero Ulysses, committed suicide by throwing herself to the sea from a cliff. His body was transported by waves on the Neapolitan coast. Hence the name of the city. The name Neapolis was given later, at the end of the 6th century BC.

The Historical City Centre

A tour of the city of Naples will give you the chance to get lost in the alleyways and people who populate them. You could admire the Mount Vesuvius and the entire Gulf from the famous Posillipo hill and walk the famous waterfront in the direction of the Castle of the Ovo and the Borgo Marinari. Approaching the historic centre of the city, you will meet Piazza Plebiscito with the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola right in front of the Royal Palace. A few meters away, you will have the San Carlo Theater and one of the entrances to the Galleria Umberto. Your private tour continues toward Via Toledo, an ancient road leading to the Port’Alba area and the National Archaeological Museum. Just a few minutes walking, you will find Spaccanapoli and San Gregorio Armeno: a ride in the “Napoletani Presepi” alley, even if out of season, will be a fascinating experience in the Neapolitan culture.
There are not the correct words to describe the City of Naples in the right way. The only chance you have is to visit it personally and breathe its air scented with the sea and the sunshine. So do not waste your time, book your Naples City Tour now and enjoy it with your family and friends!