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Fall in love with the beauties of Naples and its surroundings

Someone’s saying that Rome is the hearth of Italy, but Naples is its soul!
With its neighbourhoods and some of the best food in the world, Naples deserves to be absolutely visited!
In the shadow of the ever present volcano Mount Vesuvius, Naples is a stunning place by anyone’s measure.

Why should you visit Naples?
Discover the Top 5 reasons:

1. Traditional food of the Neapolitan cuisine
Naples is the home of pizza…there is nothing like the authentic Neapolitan pizza garnished with tomato and mozzarella. Enjoy the tour Naples Pizza Cooking class and put yourself to the test and find out if you can become an experienced “pizzaiolo”.
2. Day trips to coastal destinations
Naples is located in a strategic position, in fact, not far from Naples is the Amalfi coast, a glittering jewel that juts out into the Mediterranean area. It’s fabled cliffs, jaw-dropping views and heart-stopping drive are just some of its allures. People of the coast have a long affinity for their seafaring ways and fishing remains an active industry. Life is lived at a leisurely pace with artisans still carrying on their crafts, creating commodities like handmade paper, colourful ceramics, food specialties and lemon liqueur that is exported all over the world.
Do not miss a stop in Positano, an amazing worldwide famous Italian cliffside village on the Amalfi coast. It has the most beautiful streets and buildings covered with different kinds of colourful flowers. In Italy, Positano is one of the most significant spots in Southern Italy. Why? Simply because that’s exactly what you need.
Take one of the following tours “Amalfi coast day trip”, “Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi” and enjoy the sun and crystal sea of the Amalfi coast.
3. Discover the Roman ruins: exploring the past in Naples and its surroundings
Naples is a city of archaeological layers that weave perfectly peculiar visiting itineraries. Very little remains today of the ancient Neapolis: the city of Greek origins has left behind a few visible traces, however, such as the Greek walls that run along Via Mezzocannone. The Roman ruins are more numerous than the Greek ones, an example is the archaeological site of San Lorenzo Maggiore, part of which hosts a Greek agora from the 5th Century B.C.; as well as many other finds from the Roman era, when the city was a true metropolis. Discover the history of Naples and its origins with the tour “Naples and Underground ruins”. A few kilometres away from Naples is Pompeii, the only place in the world where tourists can admire the ancient Roman town that is completely preserved by the ash that covered it. Walking the streets of Pompeii is like to use a time-machine that takes us back to the morning of August 24, 79 AD. Do not miss the opportunity to book a tour and discover the secrets of Pompeii.
4. The street markets are a “must-see”
How to miss the visit of the famous Neapolitan street markets. Explore Spaccanapoli, an arterial road of the ancient center of Naples, which seems to divide the Neapolitan city in two parts: it starts at the top, from the “Quartieri spagnoli”, and get to the popular district of Forcella. Here, admire architectural masterpieces, such as the medieval church of Santa Chiara, made famous all over the world by Anne Radcliffe in her gothic novel “L’italiano”.
San Gregorio Armeno is a street where it is possible to admire not just the Banksy’s exclusive mural works and many other examples of street art along the way, but also to see many artisan shops where the typical Neapolitan “Nativity Scenes” (Presepi) are made. Enjoy the tour “Naples and street food market”.
5. Churches, art and museums: an incredible jump to the past!
From ancient sculptures excavated from the ruins of nearby Pompeii to the street art that has transformed a number of the city’s historic buildings, the art scene in Naples is as diverse as it is prized.
Naples’ National Archeological Museum is known all over the world for its Farnese collection and for the original finds of Pompeii and Herculaneum archaeological ruins.
The 19th-century Palazzo Donnaregina was converted into a contemporary art museum in 2005 by Portuguese ‘starchitect’ Alvaro Siza. Located in the heart of Naples, Museo MADRE offers a refreshing antidote to the Renaissance, baroque and classical art the city is so famous for.
Not just museums and art but also the churches give to Naples an aura of knowledge of the past.
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