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Family adventure: Pompeii with kids

Traveling with kids? Pompeii is surely among the most visited tourist destinations in Italy and Europe. Maybe you’re planning a wonderful family trip or maybe you’re a tour operator looking for a kid friend solution that will get everyone to agree.

Experiencing history

Pompeii, the ancient city that once flourished in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, remained buried and largely untouched until excavations began in 1748. Since then, archaeological work has uncovered remarkably well-preserved artifacts and structures – even ghosty traces of the people who died there. The finds reveal the life of ancient Romans, captured forever on the day when Pompeii met its volcanic fate.

pompeii kids

After over 2000 years Pompeii keeps a peerless appeal and those ruins are a precious reminder of past memories. The archaeological site is suitable both for younger children than to school-age ones. But why should kids be visiting Pompeii?

What many people do not take into consideration is that there is a great difference between studying history in a book and experiencing history directly. Of course, walking through the stone-paved streets where the wagons paraded, entering a shop, and touching food containers, entering a Roman villa, is a different, emotional way of learning, something that remains forever.

Pompeii with kids with a special guide

Our journey through time began from the entrance of Porta Marina Superiore. The Porta Marina was the one that overlooked the seaside of Pompeii, the town had a port and the coastline was much closer than it is today. A slight climb leads to the city gate, inside the walls, immersion in history is immediate, as soon as you have entered this entrance, one of the three to the excavations. The stone slab street is perfectly preserved, the walls of the brick houses, the entrances of the houses with the brick walls mixed with stone, the first shops, the temple of Apollo magically appear.

For those arriving in Pompeii with kids, it is important to know that a route has been set up that is accessible to everyone, even strollers. We at World Tours Italy are convinced that for a child everything becomes interesting when it turns into an adventure.

Take your family to Pompeii with this tour specially designed for families with children: Pompeii for kids.


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