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Getting to know the Phlegrean Fields

Another face of Naples: Phlegraean Fields

The Phlegraean Fields are an area of west ​​Campania known since ancient times for his “lively” volcanic activity. There have been several, violent eruptions from about 60,000 years ago on, along with a long series of episodes considered “minor” in some cases.

The area is now considered a single supervolcano.

In particular, in the last 39,000 years there have been numerous activities.

The geological history of the Phlegrean Fields was dominated by two major eruptions: the eruption of the Ignimbrite Campana (IC-occurred 39,000 years ago) and the eruption of the Neapolitan Yellow Tuff (TGN-occurred 15,000 years ago).

Phlegrean Fields supervolcano

These eruptions are related to two episodes of sinking that, overlapping, have generated one complex caldera that represents the most evident structure of the Phlegrean Fields District.

The effect of these activities have been huge on the local geography: the same San Martino, iconic panoramic view in Vomero district is actually a lava dome covered by pyroclastic products. Even the submerged volcanoes of the Banco di Pentapalummo and Banco di Miseno, located in the Bay of Pozzuoli, belong to this period of activity.

The surveillance system of the Vesuvius Observatory highlights some changes in the activity status of the Campi Flegrei volcanic area.

In Campi Flegrei there are instruments for the continuous monitoring of seismicity, of the deformations of the soil and gas emissions from the soil and fumaroles.

In addition, we know that there has been one eruption in the last 10,000 years raising of the caldera that formed after the eruption.

The result is a pretty cyclical process: when the volcano erupts, creating a depression or caldera, the magma fills up and leaks again eventually.

These kinds of volcanic areas are present also in Santorini in Greece and in Indonesia. The peculiarity of the Phlegrean Fields is that it extends to a truly vast area with a huge magma chamber. Curious to get to know this amazing nature site? Check out here: Phlegrean Fields tour.


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