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Limatola Castle: Christmas markets

Limatola Christmas Market

The Limatola Castle is located between Benevento and Caserta, and know that there is no better time to visit it than Christmas. In fact, every year the castle hosts spectacular Christmas markets, which in the medieval castle’s magical setting perfectly reproduces the charm of this holiday.

The fortress is enriched for the occasion with lights and performances by medieval artists and dancers. Not only that, the market hosts many food stalls with local products and numerous other retailers for Christmas shopping.

Every year the Limatola market attracts numerous tourists and curious people fascinated by this fairytale place. The event is called “Cadeaux al Castello di Limatola” and it is possible to buy artifacts and ceramics, true local excellencies.

Limatola Castle, a fairytale fortress

The Castle is located on top of the hill, with the village at its foot. The Normans originally built it and during the Renaissance, it was transformed from a military fortress into a noble residence. Inside, ancient frescoes are dating back to the eighteenth century and a chapel dedicated to San Nicola.

The market’s opening is scheduled for this year for November 12,13,14 and 19,20,21 and then from November 26 to December 12. Each year there is a different theme. The last edition of 2019 (there was no in 2020 due to Covid) hosted the theme of Italian craftsmanship, while in 2018, white was the central theme. This year’s theme has not yet been announced. However, something truly exceptional is undoubtedly to be expected.

In Campania, there are numerous incredibly suggestive markets such as that of San Gregorio Armeno. The famous street of the artisans hosts scenographic elaborations of the characters from the native scene and much more – in life-size and miniature – absolutely to visit if there it is located in the Neapolitan city.