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Naples railway station

Naples railway station is definitely a place to visit if you are in the city. Created even before the unification of Italy, it allows you to have a deeper knowledge of the culture and traditions of Naples.

The Naples railway station, first in Italy

That in Naples was the first Italian railway, built in 1839. This connected the ancient Parthenope to the adjacent town of Portici. The station was commissioned by the illustrious Bayard family. Actually, the current railway station in Naples was instead built because of the Italy unification project. Built in 1867 and commissioned to the famous French architect Paul Amilhan, it was initially composed of six rails.

An expansion process was soon necessary and it was coordinated by the greatest exponents of Italian architecture. The design of the new station was commissioned to Carlo Cocchia who made use of the brilliant minds of other well-known architects of the time. Among these, we can mention Giulio De Luca, Luigi Piccinato, Pierluigi Nervi, Bruno Zevi and Giuseppe Vaccaro.

The new expansion project led to the demolition of the old structure. The new construction led to a considerable enlargement. In fact, 24 tracks and the skyscraper of the state railways were built.

Naples train station today

That of the Neapolitan station is a reality that has gone through various phases of change. In more recent times new expansion projects have led to the construction of the hilly metro line. Even more recent is the project that modernized the central station of Piazza Garibaldi.

The architect Dominique Perrault has in fact reinvented the public spaces of the station, substantially changing the aesthetics of the Neapolitan square. First of all, today there is a large green area to frame the station and a metal lattice of semi-waterproof canopies has also been installed that allows pedestrians and travelers to stroll peacefully.

A further change was the new shopping gallery which often hosts installations by modern and contemporary artists.

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naples railway station