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Naples Street Food, symbolic regional tradition

Taste of tradition: at the discovery of Naples cuisine

Naples is the home of the street food. Every corner of the city has traditional shops where is possible to find the true culinary specialties! In these habits there are the roots of past times, when the population, hungry because of the war, had to use some fantasy to sort out. Naples street food was born with this aim: to be a solution for the poor who couldn’t afford expensive meals and had to get the best from what they had.

The first thing to say to start our discovery through the food tradition of Naples is that concerning the way of cooking meals, “fried” is the keyword! Not healthy to eat every day, but very delicious for sure!

Naples street food typical dishes

As we said, in the living city of Naples most of the street food is fried, but let’s find out more about the typical dishes of the street cuisine!



Frittatine, zeppole and panzarotti

Every university students knows them, every employee working in the downtown knows them and kids of the primary school love them: frittatine and panzarotti are probably the most famed among the street food recipes and are pretty symbolic in the whole region! Perfect to be eaten on the street, they generally serve as an appetizer.

Frittatine can be of different types but the most known are for sure those with pasta, generally cooked with spaghetti or bucatini.

Zeppole are delicious fried morsels made with the dough of the pizza and are sometimes filled with vegetables such as zucchini flowers. They often come together with other kind of street food such as panzarotti.

Panzarotti are potato croquettes, so tasty! They seem to melt in the mouth and are served almost always fresh fried. There are basically two kind, one with mozzarella, and the other without.




At first glance it might seem like a regular fried pizza, but somehow is different: softer and smaller. On the top there are tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese and sometimes mozzarella.

Cuoppo Napoletano

All these exquisitenesses  mentioned above are often mixed up in a Neapolitan traditional cuoppo: a cone-shaped paper filled with morsels.

This creative way of serving and consuming food was already used in 1800;  it was a cheap solution during the hard times the citizens of Naples have been through.

Pizza a Portafoglio

Was there any doubt of pizza being in the list of the most common Naples street food? Of course not! Pizza a Portafoglio is an expression used to describe a smaller kind of pizza (it costs about 1€) folded on itself until the point that becomes very easy to eat. It’s probably the favorite lunch of Neapolitan students between one lesson and the other!

food tradition naples

‘o per e ‘o muss

‘O Per e ‘o Muss

For those who are not familiar with the taste of Neapolitan cuisine this might seem a strange combination, but ‘o per e ‘o muss is very typical in the family dishes of Neapolitan families. ‘O per is the foot of the pig, while ‘o muss is the muzzle of the calf. These ingredients are shaved, boiled, cold up, chopped in small peaces and served with salt and lemon juice.

It can be hard to believe, but is really common to find this dish in traditional shops or sold in carts in the middle of the street.


Let’s end this excursion between the typical dishes of Naples street cuisine with a sweet touch! Sfogliatella is probably the most common dessert, eaten at any time of the day: for breakfast, after lunch or as a snack. Filled with ricotta and candies fruits it can be made in two varieties: with shortcrust pastry or puff pastry.

naples street food