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Naples to Amalfi Coast: the unbelievable beauty

We all agree on that: Amalfi Coast is just magnificent. Everything there seems to be covered by a magic veil. From the natural landscapes, that link sky and sea, to people and food! No wonder why it is one of the most appreciated touristic destinations in the world. Amalfi Coast tours, in particular, are among the top seller tourist services. Then, if you are planning a special holiday you’ll love the fantastic journey from Naples to Amalfi Coast!

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From Naples to Amalfi Coast: a stretch of Paradise

The Amalfi Coast has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Are you wonder why? You wouldn’t if you were already here. This stretch of land is surprisingly beautiful and there is much to learn and visit.

Among the main cities of Amalfi Coast there is for sure Sorrento.  This city inspired many artists and writers from all over the world. Here was written the most famous Italian song, “Caruso“.

Sant’Agata and Nerano are certainly less known, however, they are pure pearls! These small villages hide a unique charm and are totally worth a visit.

Here you have a name you’ll know for sure: Positano. The dreamy pastel-colored city is built on a high cliff. Apart from the view, Positano is famous for its fashion. It’s the case when nature meets lifestyle!

Beautiful, incredible Amalfi Coast

This area, apart from being beautiful, has an ancient history behind. It was Roman aristocracy that built the stunning villas on the shores. In particular, the people of Amalfi had trades with Arabic populations. The touch of this relationship can be seen even today.

Years after, Spanish and then French, dominated a great part of the area from Naples to Amalfi Coast. Even in this case, the influence of these cultures is impressed forever in Neaples’identity.

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