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Naples tours, the enchanting city

Tour Naples: let’s discover its history

Naples has been called during the ages in many different ways such as “the city of the sun” or “the city of the 500 domes“. The history of this piece of land has a lot to tell. From the Greek age when it was called Parthenope due to the siren that was thought to live on its shores.
The origins of the city actually date back to the 9th century BC, when the first colony was founded at Pithecusa (now Ischia) and later moved just opposite the coast of Ischia where Cuma arose. It was in the XV century BC, that a group of settlers from Cuma founded the city of Partenope. The new city was built in 475 BC and was called Neapolis (= new city) to distinguish it from the old Partenope.

During the Roman Empire, the city of Naples experienced a period of economic and cultural prosperity and became a destination for political and intellectual personalities such as Cicero and Virgil. Following the fall of the Roman Empire, the city of Naples became an autonomous duchy of Byzantium.

Normans annexed Naples to the Kingdom of Sicily. until the accession to the throne of Emperor Frederick II, who gave life to an extremely flourishing period from the cultural point of view which culminated with the foundation of the University of Naples (1224). It is under the rule of the Aragons that the city of Naples experienced one of its periods of maximum development and artistic and cultural splendor.

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The history of Naples is plenty of foreign footprints that created eventually a unique mix of artistic and cultural feature, evident in the main buildings of Naples tours.

Any tour of Naples includes incredible attractions even though to get to know the city deeply and completely a lifetime couldn’t be enough!

Among the top attraction of Naples there are beauties as; Municipio square by the Neptune Fountain, the incredible Piazza Plebiscito, site of numerous cultural events located just in front of the Royal Palace, where Neapolitan Royalty used to live.

Unmissable icon of the land is the Mount Vesuvius, the majestic volcano considered by Neapolitans a silent and friend, not to speak about the suggestive Spaccanapoli and Duomo, fascinating not just for its structure but also for the history related to San Gennaro and the liquefaction of his blood, an annual appointment symbol of good luck for each Neapolitan.

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