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Naples walking tours

Naples is a surprising city, some could say that it is too loud, chaotic, but that’s part of Naples charm. When we say Naples we are talking about one of the most lively cities in Europe. By Naples walking tours and local experiences (such as food degustations and nightlife), you can get a clear idea of why it is so special.

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Exploring Naples

Naples is a large city, but the downtown can be easily be walked: the streets of the centro storico are narrow and really suggestive, you can easily tell Naples is ancient, rests of greek and Roman architecture are all over. Few examples? The Greek ruins in Piazza Bellini, or the underground ruins of Naples where is possible to experience a truly unique feeling.

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One thing surely won’t miss on any walking tour is the visit to the most important churches in the town. Think that Naples is called the city of the domes and all of them are really ancient and majestic.

Naples Walking Tour

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While walking the city you’ll notice immediately another important feature of Naples: food is a very important deal and Naples is home to the most delicious street food!

Salty and sweet tastes are wonderfully produced according to old traditions… And everything is incredibly cheap! Think that pizza a portafoglio, a smaller variety of Neapolitan Pizza costs 1 € or so.

Some other delicatessen you shouldn’t miss? Of course babà and sfogliatella, two of the most unbelievable desserts of Italian cuisine.

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The truth is: Naples has a lot, and many of its treasures are hidden in the chaos of the city, there are some doors that might seem ordinary, but actually they hide, if you know where to look, incredible places!

You cannot wait to walk around in the unique city of Naples?

Check out there: Naples walking tours and discover the city of the sun!

naples walking tours