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Paestum Temples: unique archaeological sites

Greek Temples of Paestum: Unesco World Heritage Site

Peastum is one of the most valuable Italian archaeological sites, especially known for its ancient buildings. Paestum temples‘construction is attributed to the Argonauts of Greek mythology.

Paestum is for sure a really suggestive place, where myth and history are twisted together. Founded by Greek colonists, the city was initially called Poseidonia (Ποσειδωνία), was after conquered by Lucanians and later by Romans.

Incredible Ancient Greek Ruins in South Italy

Paestum is home of three Doric temples, thought to be dedicated to Poseidon, Hera and Athena.

The first two are pretty close one to another and are located in the southern part of Paestum, the temple of Athena is in the northern part of the city and is the smaller among the three.

The temple of Poseidon is one of the best preserved temple of the world and one of the biggest as well: its dimensions are larger than the usual, 195 by 80 feet!

The nearby temple, as mentioned above, is dedicated to Hera, goddess of women, family, marriage and childbirth. This temple is the oldest of the three, it has a peculiar architecture with a different amount of columns. Even if it is smaller than the Poseidon’s one, is still a huge construction.

The temple of Ceres (or Athena) was built in 500 BC and was at first mistakenly attributed to Ceres. It has been proved just after that it was actually built for the goddess of was and wisdom: the beautiful and strong Athena.

These are not the only testimony of the ancient times influence in Paestum: in the national museum of the city there are objects found in the near necropolises. Among these, several funerary items such as the Tomb of the Diver, a famous fresco showing a man who leaps into the water, interpreted as a metaphor for death.

paestum temples
paestum greek temples