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Pompeii tours: what to expect from the ancient city

Strolling in Pompeii means having a walk in a past life; a bakery, the old port, the public baths, the brothel… All the places of the ancient lives that populated Pompeii at those times. Pompeii is still today a crib of suggestions; strolling along the city walls for a panoramic view of Naples and Capri and looking at the casts of people struck in the eruption of 79 AD can give different and opposite feelings: shocking and marveling at the same time.

Pompeii has been during Roman Empire an important commercial and business center. A mix of wealthy people, slaves and professionals. The slopes of Vesuvius were particularly fertile and wine made in Pompeii was exported in other parts of the Empire. People knew the positive side of living in this place, though they were not aware about the risks connected to the volcano.

Its discovery, dated in 1748, lead to a digging phase that lasted over 250 years.

Pompeii today

pompeiiEven today researchers from over 20 different countries are involved in studies about Pompeii, analyzing and recording the old excavations and continuing to search for new discoveries, they make a valuable work aimed to keep what remains of the ancient city.

Even after the previous work, Pomepeii is still exposed to rain and the million tourists coming each year, for this reason is required a lot of work to keep walls, paintings and floors well conserved. Many archaeologists dedicate themselves to restore and protect the over 15000 buildings of the ancient city, as well as the huge amount of artifacts.

Highlights of Pompeii and Pompeii Tours

To avoid miss anything during a visit to Pompeii, we always suggest booking Pompeii Tours with expert guides to have an as complete as possible experience and to not miss the most important highlights of the city:

  • Temple of Apollo
  • The Roman Forum
  • The Basil
  • The Macellum
  • The bakery
  • The cemetery

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