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Positano tour from Naples

Positano is a small town and therefore perfect for a day trip; it’s not a location with a large number of attractions, it’s rather a place that you will appreciate for its views, its atmosphere, and its peculiar structure spread on the mountain around its bay. A town where you will enjoy taking your time strolling through the main alleys and curvy streets going up and down the hill, Positano is widely known for its glamorous fashion.

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Get ready to explore a “vertical town”, walking up and down the many picturesque streets and stairs that connects the different attractions.


The Cathedral – Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta

The Santa Maria Cathedral is certainly the main attraction in Positano, with its dome covered with colorful majolica. The dome can be seen from any point of the town, and the church, next to Marina Grande’s beach, can only be reached walking.

The interior is more sober than the outside, but the real symbolic treasure of the Cathedral is the Byzantine icon of the Black Madonna with her Child. The Madonna’s icon is likely to have arrived in Positano in 12th century brought by Benedictine monks, but according to a popular legend, it was a miracle that brought it there. According to the legend the icon was on board of a ship caught in a storm near the coast, and the sailors suddenly heard a voice saying “Posa, posa” (meaning: “Put down, put down” from which the name Positano) that they interpreted as the will of the Holy Mary to remain in that place. The icon was then brought to a church located in the town main square, but the next day it was mysteriously found near the shore, and consequently a new church was built there in her honour. Inside of the church you can also see the reliquary bust of the patron saint of the village, San Vito. The Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral is such a beautiful location that it’s one of the most preferred in the area for weddings.


Positano’s beaches

Few meters walking down the stairs from the Cathedral is Spiaggia Grande, one of the largest and also most fashionable beaches on the Amalfi Coast. It is linked, on its West, with the Beach of Fornillo (a smaller and less crowded one) through the Sentiero degli Innamorati, a so-called lovers’ walk that is a must not only for lovers but for the visitors who like to hike and enjoy a stunning view of the bay.


Shopping in Positano

By strolling through Positano downtown, you will explore a labyrinth of pedestrian streets, stairs and alleys full of boutiques, souvenir shops and food stores. Positano has been a holiday destination for celebrities for the whole XXth century, and has become a glamorous site over the years; the fashion “made in Positano” is one of a kind.
You shouldn’t miss the chance to get your own fashion piece: the most iconic item is a pair of tailor-made sandals in one of the several craftsmen shops. If you want to get a real Positano’s look, you might want to get a light dress enriched with handcrafted macramé lace or Positano’s style bikinis for ladies, linen shirts and suits for men. Don’t forget to stop at some of the wonderful ceramic shops and try some lemon-based products in the food stores.


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