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The suggestive Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara

Among the most exceptional architectural attractions in Naples, we cannot neglect the suggestive church of San Giovanni a Carbonara. It is a fascinating place that, as often happens in Naples, is full of historical and cultural anecdotes.

The church of San Giovanni a Carbonara between history and architecture

The church of San Giovanni a Carbonara is located on the road of the same name which is behind Via Foria. The church is therefore close to the beautiful Neapolitan sea. A perfect destination for tourists which also allows visiting the many other adjacent attractions.

The church was built starting from 1339. The name “Carbonara” derives from the ancient custom of collecting the incinerated waste of the city in those places (“carbone“, “coal“). Above all, the church can rightly be considered one of the greatest examples of Renaissance sculpture museums.

The large staircase which leads to the building is also the result of an illustrious architectural work commissioned to Ferdinando Sanfelice.

The wonders preserved in the church of San Giovanni in Carbonara

Inside the church, there are the sepulchral monument of King Ladislao of Durazzo (1387-1414) and the Caracciolo del Sole chapel, which houses the monument of Ser Gianni Caracciolo, Grand Siniscalco of the Kingdom and lover of Ladislao’s sister.

church of san giovanni naples

In addition, the church of San Giovanni in Carbonara houses the Caracciolo di Vico chapel. Inside the chapel, there are incredible works of Neapolitan sculptors, including Gerolamo Santacroce and Annibale Caccavello.

Finally, the church includes as well the famous Somma chapel. This one was recently restored and houses the altar of the Miroballo and the sepulchers of San Giovanni.

Naples preserves infinite places and testimonies of wonderful and ancient history. Visiting the city can be an enchanting experience. For your trip to Naples, rely on a reliable agency with great knowledge of the city: discover Naples with our guided tours!

church san giovanni a carbonara