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Things you didn’t know about Pompeii

The most ancient amphitheater and the graffiti of Pompeii

There are probably many things you don’t know about Pompeii and its story. The first is that Pompeii has the most ancient amphitheater in the world. Dated 70 a. C., the suggestive location hosted events like the famous concent by Pink Floyd.

Back in the days when it was initially built, the amphitheater was home to great circus games and fights between gladiators. These kinds of events were generally sponsored by local graffiti put on the wall of the houses.

In particular, graffiti had a prominent role in spreading information over the population. Even today is possible to read, impressed forever on the wall, the testimonies of the daily life of citizens.

Often the writings were electoral posters, in which the names of the candidates were written with their mottos but also phrases of love.

From the ancient citizens to the brothels of Pompeii

One really relevant thing many are not aware of is that in Pompeii is actually possible to see the ancient citizens!

citizens of pompeii

Pompeii boasts a thousand casts. This portrait perfectly the ancient Pompeians during their death. You can easily recognize the fear on their faces and their confusion due to the natural catastrophe. In particular, the most famous are the two lovers tight in a hug. These actually inspired Anderson’s movie “Pompeii”.

Another fact has many ignore is that the protector of the city is Venus. The goddess of beauty and love protected the city. In her honor was built a remarkable temple in a panoramic position on the Gulf of Naples.

Last but not least, Pompeii had 25 brothels around the city. In particular, the biggest and better preserved is the “Lupanare”.  The name derives from the Latin word “lupa” standing for “prostitute”.

These are just a few anecdotes on Pompeii history that is possible to touch directly still today. Curious to get to know more? Check our tour of Pompeii to experience something truly unforgettable!

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