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Archeological Museum of Naples – tour with guide

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Visit the famous Archeological Museum of Naples with a private guide and explore its collections Read more

You need to stop at the National Archeological Museum of Naples, one of the richest museums in Italy. It is known all over the world for its Farnese collection and for the original finds of Pompeii and Herculaneum archeological ruins, the cities destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD . In 2 hours, you will visit the building with a professional tour guide, who will tell you the history of the famous masterpieces of the museum. It is very easy to reach!
The big palace has an ancient history since 1500, but only in 1860 it became the famous National Museum. In 2013 the Archeological Museum of Naples was organized in 8 collection. The mains are the Egyptian Collection, The Farnese colelction, The Pompeian collection.
The Egyptian collection is rich of finds from the Ancient Egypt to the Ptolemaic and Roman period. The main flaigship is the famous “Dama di Napoli”: it is a sculpture and it seems a woman, but recent studies identify it as an officer man of the III dinasty of the Ancient Egypt period.
The Farnese Collection is very rich of sculptures as the “Tazza Farnese”,  the”Venere Callipigia” and  the “Toro Farnese”, portraits as the one of Alessandro Farnese and gems.
The Pompeian Collections is one of the richest ones as it contains the main original finds of the ancient city of Pompeii with its artefacts of citizens’ daily life. During your visit to the Archelogical Museum of Naples, you will be impressed for sure by “Alessandro Magno Mosaic”, the biggest one in Pompeii and now reserved in the Archeological Museum. It is very particular with its little tassels which create different colors and shadows.

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