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Capri Sorrento Pompeii Private guided tour

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Visit the wonderful destinations of Capri Sorrento e Pompei in one day with a private guide Read more

In one day live the chance to visit Capri, Sorrento and Pompeii with a private tour guide. The decision to add a professional guide during your one day tour is a good solution to discover each place, its history and its secrets! Moreover, you can set your private walking tour according with your needs!
Capri is the most famous island in the world and a magic place, rich of natural limestone land and one of the most fashionable places due to its shops. Upon arrival to the VIP island by funicular you will reach the most famous square, so-called “Piazzetta”. From this tiny square, you will walk along the narrow streets of Capri, famous for Italian fashion brands and local hand-crafted shops. The Augustus gardens are not far away. In the 1900s this botanical area was the vacation home of Friedrich Alfred Krupp. On the way, you will see also the twisty and unique Via Krupp. After the visit of Capri island, by hydrofoil you will reach Sorrento, one of the most famous destination of Campania Region. Sorrento Coast is famous all over the world for the lemon groves and the production of Limoncello. In Sorrento there is also a big production of a tasty olive oil: in fact, along the coastline, there are thounsands of olive trees. After the stop in Sorrento the tour will continue to Pompeii for a guided tour inside the archeological ruins. Pompeii was a roman city destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius volcano in 79 AD, but now you can discover this big UNESCO site with its old houses, amphitheaters thermal baths, streets and so on.

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