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Traditional Italian and Neapolitan music

Italian Opera

Italian music has always had a prominent role in the world scene. Many different genres have shaped the development of music, especially the classical one. Traditional Italian and Neapolitan music have the passion expected from the inhabitants of the Bel Paese.

Opera is undoubtedly a fundamental part of the musical culture of Italy. The whole world has fallen for the grace of classical operas. Developed in the XVI century, it is born from the innovations in the musical scale and theatrical music in Italy during that age.

Traditional Neapolitan music

Another highlight of Italian music is the canzone Napoletana. Harmonious melodies, stories of love and passion, of everyday life, true stories about this wonderful city. Music in Naples is cult, tradition, identity and a source of pride throughout the world.

Neapolitan music is at once art and poetry, culture and tradition, handed down from generation to generation and with different styles that have followed over the years.

The Neapolitan music has ancient roots, for many even a first music, which came close to the Neapolitan one, we already have in ancient Greece, with the dances of Neapolis, a city founded by the Greeks in the fifth century BC, which we will later find in the tammurriata, still practiced in the Neapolitan hinterland, and in particular in the countries of the province.

in the ‘600 the tarantella is affirmed, still famous today, for many it comes from the meeting of two dances, the Moorish Arab and the Spanish fandango, while for others it derives from the Apulian dance of the taranta. In the eighteenth century, serenades are developed, dedications to one’s beloved made with the calascione, an ancient Neapolitan instrument similar to the guitar.

But it was precisely the 800 that marked a true turning point for the classical Neapolitan song. The golden century includes a period of time that starts from the beginning of the 1800s and actually is not finished yet!

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traditional italian neapolitan music